Alice makes art and writes stories. Her playful, mixed media illustrations and art works layer hand drawn elements with paint, print, collage, pixels and typography. Alice will draw on just about anything and is currently working in and on books and ceramics. She enjoys working with objects, from everyday household items to modern day charms and talismans, as well as working on paper, wood, fabric, t-shirts and creating computer based graphics.

Alice has a monthly editorial illustration published in the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Today newspaper and her art works can often be seen in exhibitions around London and further afield. She likes playing snooker, dancing, and adventures.

Originally from Boudicca country on the edge of England, Alice now lives and works in London. 

Alice is always looking for opportunities to draw and to help bring ideas to life. All projects - big and small - all clients - large and independent - considered. If you have a project in mind, feel free to drop her a line.